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Timeshare Resale Take Over – For Owners Who Owe Nothing, But Still Continue To Pay For It!

Do Any Of These Describe Your Situation, AFTER Buying A Timeshare?

  • You are NOT using your timeshare and DO NOT want it.
  • You want to stop paying the fees.
  • You feel stuck with no way out, because of the timeshare contract.
  • You have tried many times to sell it (with no success).
  • You can’t even give away your timeshare!

If you answered YES to one of those, keep reading…

Timeshare Adventures has a solution for you. A guaranteed service that will get you out of your timeshare.

We have partnered with a service provider that 100% Legally and Guaranteed will get you out of it and end your payments to the resort, forever!

There are about 20% of timeshare owners who are in your same exact situation. It’s sad, but even worse is you continue to pay every year for something that you do not want and that is a huge burden to you.

Take this opportunity to realize (or imagine)… this could be your last year ever to pay any money towards your timeshare, if you let us help you. Talk to us and please ask your questions.


A legal, guaranteed service that removes your name from the ownership and all future financial obligations. The services are preformed by a licensed, insured and bonded company. The service has now or will find someone to quickly take over your unwanted timeshare ownership. Your ownership details will be verified and then the arrangements will be made to resell the ownership to the new owner. Finally, an end to the timeshare and the cost associated with ownership!

Talk to us today, 1-800-581-7330 or go to the Resale Take Over Agreement.

Our Guarantee Is Pretty Simple

If we or our affiliates are unable to complete a take over due to your resort’s policies, we will offer a full refund of all monies paid.

If we or our affiliates are unable to complete a take over due to wrong/incomplete information or documents supplied by the seller, then a prorated amount of fees paid will be refunded.

Timeshare Adventures is proudly “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau.

America’s Trusted Money Expert: Dave Ramsey

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You’re definitely going to lose money on this. Timeshares go down in value worse than a car. But it’s better to cut your losses than to continue to lose any more money.Dave Ramsey

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