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Timeshare Marketing and Advertising

Marketing your time share is what Timeshare Adventures does better than any other timeshare resale company. The following commercial was designed to attract timeshare buyers and renters by showing them the value and benefits of owning a timeshare resale.



Timeshare MarketingCommercial Script

Don’t let the daily grind get you down…. drop your 5 day work week for a 5 star adventure ---- Discover a new lifestyle every year with Timeshare Adventures.

Living a 5 star resort lifestyle is realistic for all----and now, you can experience pampered annual vacations in world class resorts for less than twenty dollars a week ---through the magic of timeshares.

Yes it’s affordable for you to rent or even own your dream vacation property. Our website is SIMPLE and EASY to use… just visit our online Resort Directory, which is loaded with pictures, videos and helpful information. It’s that simple!


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