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Cancun, your gateway to the Mexican Caribbean.

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Cancun is Mexico’s premier beach resort destination…your passport to an experience that will have you returning this Mayan jewel in the sun, again and again.

Great Vacation spot to Buy a Timeshare. Yes, everybody comes to relax and be pampered in five-star luxury.

Cancun Ruins VacationsBut, while you’re here, you must visit the ancient Mayan cities---see why Mexico was home to some of the most advanced cultures in the Western Hemisphere nearly 2000 years ago.

Archaeologists say the Mayans, this vast Meso-American civilization that covered present day southeastern Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, reached its zenith in 400 A.D. The Mayan legacy includes the wonderfully preserved temple pyramids, palaces, observatories to study the stars, and artifacts. The local crafts still reflect the attention to detail and beauty of that earlier time.

Cancun is a young city, that started life 30 years ago as a sand island before being transformed into one of the world’s premiere holiday destinations. Connected to the mainland by two bridges, it is now a medium-sized coastal city, with first-class resorts, hotels, clubs, shopping malls and entertainment. There’s something for everybody.

Cancun can be a 24-hour a day beach party or a haven for rest and recuperation. There is something…or nothing…to do every minute of the day.

But as all of us have to nurture the child---whether the one inside or the one holding our hand---you must visit Parque Nizuc and swim with the Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. These mythical creatures have been especially bred and trained to interact with humans. You can tell they genuinely enjoy the experience. And you and the children will have a lifetime of memories and photographs to talk about. And to dream about. Just so you won’t be disappointed, remember that children have to be 4 feet tall and accompanied by an adult.

Cancun Beach Timeshares

Here at Timeshare Adventures, our portfolio of Cancun timeshare properties is extensive and regularly updated. All the big chains are represented, along with many specialist developers who have created retreats to suit every cost and taste.

You can try before you buy , by renting a suite at the Omni in Cancun for under $500 a week. It sleeps four comfortably and has every convenience you could wish for. Surprised? We have other discount deals available in Cancun, and new ones coming up all the time as our timeshare owners experience changing schedules that prevent use of their Cancun timeshare.

Renting Out or Selling Your Cancun Timeshare

We at Timeshare Adventures have been in the timeshare industry for a long time. We advertise widely and promote and display our portfolio through a range of media outlets. That includes the Internet, major national newspapers, PPC& campaigns, and a network of local publications. Tens of thousands of people see our ads each and every month. A targeted demographic of potential timeshare users. So if changed circumstances give you cause to sell or rent your Cancun condo, contact us here at Timeshare Adventures, helping you live the Cancun dream.

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