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Myrtle Beach VacationTHE BEST WAY TO BUY

Your Myrtle Beach vacation ownership retreat


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Timeshare ownership is the fastest growing segment of the US tourism and leisure industry. The reason? Because it is still the best way, the most cost-effective way to take a vacation. Especially for families. It also stops vacation inflation in its tracks, creates family legacies and provides owners with a saleable real estate asset. But nothing stays the same. Children grow. Our personal circumstances change. That treasured condo you purchased five, ten or more years ago isn’t being used anymore.

But Timeshare ownership is real estate, and real estate invariably has value.

Especially if your timeshare villa is at Myrtle Beach.

So if your not making full use of your holiday retreat talk to us about your options. It might be best to sell your Myrtle Beach time share vacation ownership property. Or defray your costs and rent out your timeshare week when it is unused.

Our staff has been selling and renting vacation properties for many years. At Timeshare Adventures we advertise our ads widely through a range of media outlets including the Internet, major national newspapers, PPC campaigns to a targeted audience, and a network of local and trade publications. Tens of thousands of people see our timeshare sales and rental portfolio every month. And they will see your Timeshare property. Because your property needs exposure if you want to sell or rent it out. Exposure to a targeted demographic who take regular vacations. High-income earners who buy holiday homes.

And because Myrtle Beach is one of America’s most popular timeshare resort retreats, there is a market for your property.

South Carolina Family Beach

And no wonder it’s so popular! The 60 miles of pristine beachfront---voted best family beach in America by the travel channel----and natural beauty of the region has been enhanced for vacationers by the areas 100 golf courses, 1000 restaurants and world-class theme parks. You can go horseback riding, deep sea fishing, water skiing on the glassy Waccamaw river, visit Ripley’s Aquarium, the Alabama Theater, the Carolina Oprey or Brookgreen Gardens where over 250 outdoor sculptures are on display. There really is something exciting and different to do here every day. Or you can just recharge your batteries as you contemplate the majesty of the ever-changing Atlantic from the window of your Timeshare retreat.

Blessed with a wonderful climate and packed with things---or nothing---- to do, it’s no wonder this area has become so popular with vacationers. It really is the perfect family holiday location.

So let us show you the best way to buy your own Myrtle Beach Time share villa. For less than you might think. It isn’t such a radical idea. You would be joining the more than 2 million American families who have made the choice to co-own vacation property. It makes sense. There are properties here to suit every budget and taste. From under $2,000 to a whole lot more. And after that one-time cost your only expense is an annual maintenance fee of $400 to $800. You and your family can then have a lifetime of family vacations at this idyllic retreat. Or, as a timeshare owner, you can spend your annual vacations almost anywhere in the world, via a timeshare exchange program. This investment will pay for itself in saved annual vacation accommodation costs in six or seven years. There are genuine time share resort ownership bargains to be had right now, right here in Myrtle Beach, one of America’s fastest growing vacation retreat destinations.

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