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Westgate Blue Tree Timeshare

Convenient to all the attractions that have made central Florida the family vacation capital of America, Westgate Blue Tree Resort right near Orlando, FL is perfect for your next vacation.

Rent a week at Westgate Blue Tree

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Come with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and all the gang to the lands we love at Walt Disney World.

Westgate Blue TreeSee how movies are made and stunts are performed at Universal Studios or MGM Studios. And delight in the antics of the seals and dolphins at Sea World. Or take some of the scariest rides on earth at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Dueling Dragons are recommended only for the strong of stomach.

If the children try and tell you it isn’t scary, don’t listen!

You’ll never run out of things to do with the kids in here. On this trip, or on a dozen future trips. There are water parks, the wonderfully laid out and well managed go-kart tracks with karts for every skill level, the mini-golf courses and the world’s best ice-cream sundaes at the Cold Stone Creamery on International Drive.

If shopping therapy is needed, the area boasts twelve shopping malls, numerous factory outlet centers, an extraordinary variety of boutiques and any number of specialty shops that offer everything from exotic luxury imports to the mundane necessities. And after the sun sets, downtown Orlando caters to every taste with a collection of dining, entertainment complexes and clubs catering to every taste. For example, there are over 5,000 restaurants to choose from.

Or you may want to just relax. Recharge your batteries. If so, you can spend a week being treated like royalty, never doing anything more energetic than putting on sunscreen or deciding what to have for dinner. It’s up to you. And you’ll certainly be relaxing in comfort! The luxury one and two-bedroom villas all have fully equipped kitchens, cable television, a Jacuzzi (two b/room deluxe only), refrigerators, a microwave and quality furnishings that you’d think would only be found in expensive homes.

Selling or Renting out your Westgate Vacation Resort Villa

Blue Tree TimesharesBut, nothing stays the same. Children get older. Our lives take different directions, so maybe your Westgate Resort condominium isn’t being used as much now. If not, you can recoup your costs by renting it out. Or you may prefer to sell your Westgate Resort in Florida. Whatever your choice, Timeshare Adventureshas all the facilities, all the resources and the advertising network to give your property maximum exposure.

Our personnel have been selling and renting holiday homes for many years. We can help, whether you choose to sell, or to rent out, your Westgate Vacation Resort villa.

Buying or Vacationing at a Westgate Resort in Florida

If you’re still thinking about where to go to recharge the batteries this year, a place the whole family can enjoy, you need to consider a week at the fabulous Westgate Blue Tree Resort here in Florida.

Orlando Vacations

Timeshare Adventures can rent you a fully equipped, one or two-bedroom condo in this luxury resort for less per head than almost any style of accommodation other than camping. Certainly, for considerably less than any equivalent accommodation would cost.

Or maybe it’s time to think about the convenience and economic advantages of buying your own Timeshare retreat. It isn’t such a radical idea. You would be joining the more than 2 million American families who have made the choice to purchase a timeshare property. It makes sense. For a one-time cost of under $5,000 you can buy a re-sale condo here in Florida. Thereafter your only ongoing cost is an annual maintenance fee of $500 to $800. And you get a lifetime of vacations here in the Sunshine State, or as a Westgate vacation club member, at any of the other 19 Westgate resorts in North America. Additionally, you can access over 3,000 resorts throughout the world, via an Interval International or RCI timeshare exchange program.

It’s all available with Westgate and Timeshare Adventures.

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