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Our Sample Timeshare Advertising Agreement

Dear Customer:

Timeshare Adventures, Inc. (TAI) specializes in bringing timeshare buyers, sellers and renters together through our world wide vacation property marketing program. We are pleased to welcome you to Timeshare Adventures! 

Please review your ad to insure it is correct. Contact us immediately with corrections. Although we encourage buyers and renters to investigate the unit’s layout, the nature of the week (red, white, high season, et cetera), whether it is poolside, beachfront, ocean view, or whatever, they do not always do so. If the unit does not match the description in the ad, a disappointed buyer or renter may look to you for relief.

We are a for sale or rent by owner advertiser. We do not charge commissions nor do we require appraisals.

Once you have an offer, you can accept, decline, or make a counter offer. If you do not want to handle the negotiation yourself we can refer you to a real estate broker who can negotiate on your behalf.

When you have agreed on a sale or rental price, our attorney supervised closing department takes over. Typically closing occurs within six to eight weeks after we have received a performance deposit from the buyer and have a legible (scanable) copy of the seller’s recorded deed. If you are renting, once we have executed copies of our attorney prepared rental agreement, we confirm the rental reservation with the resort. There are no closing costs on a rental transaction unless the resort charges an administrative fee. An administrative fee of $49.95 is paid to TAI by the owner.

When the renter’s or buyer’s funds are in our escrow account and we have a properly executed transfer documents or rental confirmation, the proceeds are distributed and the transfer documents or rental agreement are forwarded to the appropriate officials for recording or other registration.

TAI will advertise your vacation property until sold or rented, or for up to twelve months, whichever occurs first. You may renew at no charge for another twelve months by giving us written notice thirty days before the first twelve months end. TAI will refund one half of the advertising fee if your property is a platinum ad or a rental ad and is sold or rented in any other way within 50% of the original sale price or within 25% of the original rental price upon proof of a bona fide sale or rental occurring during the original ad period. Otherwise, the ad fee is non-refundable after the first ten days of advertising. There is no guarantee the property will sell or rent at any price or in any certain amount of time.

Some closings may incur additional costs because of high (over $50.00) recording fees, complex tax forms (e.g. Hawaii or New York), resort transfer fees, courier fees and other unusual expenses. Some jurisdictions including Canada, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico require that local practitioners conduct closings or at least prepare the documents. In those cases we contact licensed local professionals and assist them in the process. We do not absorb their fees.

Any disputes between TAI and owner(s) shall be resolved by proceedings occurring in Pinellas County, Florida.

Our skilled, trained professional staff will work diligently to help you accomplish your goals.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your advertising executive or our customer service department with your questions.

Very truly yours,
Timeshare Adventures, Inc.

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