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Breezy Point in Breezy Point, Minnesota
Week: 47
Beds: 2 Lockout
Usage: Every Year
For Sale: $18,000 Neg
For Rent: $1,295 Neg

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GeoHoliday Vacation Club in Multi Destination, Multi Destination
Week: Float
Beds: 2
Usage: Even Years
For Sale: $25,000 Neg
For Rent: $1,895 Neg


Timeshare Advertising Partners

Timeshare Adventures Inc partners with marketers, retailers and agencies in every region of the world to create innovative, customized solutions that take the full advantage of advertising opportunities. Our unique marketing program ensures large, highly targeted audiences. From sales to customer service and through out our organization, every employee is dedicated to the success of our clients. See the latest timeshare offers our clients have received.

Commercial Advertising - Our commercials focus on attracting timeshare buyers and renters. We explain how affordable a timeshare resale purchase or rental can be. The vast majority of commercials today consist of brief advertising spots, ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. Commercials of this sort have been used to sell literally every product imaginable over the years, from household products to goods and services, to political campaigns. The effect of commercials upon the Timeshare industry has been so successful and so pervasive that it is considered impossible for a timeshare resale and rental company to wage a successful advertising campaign without airing a good commercial. Watch our current TV commercial or visit You Tube to see it live.

Google – Google has the largest and is one of the worlds best known search engines. It provides the opportunity to deliver cost effective online advertising that is relevant to the searched information. Google is fast, accurate, easy to use and reaches 100 million users per month in 35 languages. Our 1,500 plus search terms generate thousands of vacation timeshare clients. Google is recognized as the “Worlds Greatest Search Engine”!


What We Don’t Do! – One thing Timeshare Adventures Inc doesn’t do is telemarketing or send spam email. We prefer not to interfere with people and interrupt their daily lives. We firmly believe if we’re doing a great job, potential clients will seek out our services. Nearly all of our competitors rely on “cold calling” timeshare owners to drum up additional business. These companies approach owners and create false impressions about the need for inventory. Unsuspecting clients who were not even considering selling fork over hundreds of dollars and usually don’t get any results. Timeshare Adventures Inc only assists consumers whom ask us for our help. We don’t need, nor want, to create a scenario that encourages false or misleading statements. If you have been “cold called or telemarketed by a timeshare company”, just hang up the phone before they start lying to you about how they have a buyer but just need $200-$3500 for a title search. If you get their name and phone number, please call us so we can report them to the proper authorities.

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