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Lifetime in Hawaii

Timeshare Vacations

Week: Float
Beds: 2
Usage: Every Year
Rental Price: $2,100 Neg
Honolulu Timeshares

Lifetime in Hawaii (also referred to as “Lifetime”) is a 39-unit timeshare resort owned and operated by the Lifetime in Hawaii Interval Owners Association, established in 1984 and managed by Southern California based Vacation Leisure Maintenance Company, Inc. Lifetime is overseen by a five...


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Its quick and easy:

  1. Search for Resorts OR browse our Resort Directory.
  2. Make an offer online.
  3. We facilitate the


Click To Rent Out Your TimeshareRent Your Timeshare?

Timeshare Resorts are traditionally the co-ownership of a vacation property that allows a specified week’s use each year in perpetuity. With millions of families owning timeshare properties, owners who have changes of schedule or circumstance often want to rent out their vacation retreat.

Whether your ideal vacation is a week on a Caribbean island, skiing on fresh powder snow at Vail, Colorado, golfing in Bermuda or a week of shopping and seeing the sights of New York City, there is a timeshare resort for you. And these resorts have far more amenities, and cost much less, than Hotel accommodation.


And because some of our owners leave it to the last minute to rent their vacation homes, there are genuine bargains available for luxury resort family holiday accommodation, in some of the world’s most exotic locations.



Timeshare RentalsTo help you make a choice we have constructed a directory that takes you to these locations---virtually. Hawaii, exotic Belize, magical Bermuda, Acapulco, Florida and many more. These multi-media presentations will tell you about the area and its history. Describe the amenities, facilities and accommodation at the resort. And we’ll take you on a virtual tour with streaming video and photographs of the resort and/or the surrounding area. The family can “experience” a vacation destination before you select a location to vacation.


And when you have made a choice, Timeshare Adventures will help you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Because nothing can ever totally replace personal service.

" I made an offer on one ad but it was not available.  Timeshare Adventures did a search for me and within two days we had everything in order for my vacation! I don’t plan to use anyone else but Timeshare Adventures to help with my vacation planning!  I really appreciate all the hard work Timeshare Adventures has done for me."
Victoria Marquardt

Renting a Timeshare

Timeshare Adventures makes it easy for you to rent a time share for your next vacation. Use the Timeshare Search feature on our website. You can search on any resort name, city or location and be sure to check the "Timeshares For Rent" box. You then will be displayed a list of timeshare resorts where you can make offers.

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