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Timeshare Adventures Inc. is currently not accepting transfers at this time. Please inquiry about other options.






Transfer Timeshare Ownership Out Of Your Name !

Unfortunately in today's economy some timeshare properties are worthless. The market is flooded with timeshares that have little or no value at all. In fact, they're a yearly bill that must be paid for whether it is used or not. For some timeshare owners the burden of paying for something that they can't or don't use just doesn't make fiscal sense. Selling these particular timeshares isn't an option as hardly anyone wants them because of location, amenities, time of year or the ongoing cost associated with owning. Maintenance fees go up 6%-8% per year so a $600 maintenance fee will be $786 after 5 years and $1103 after 10 years. In that 10 year period the timeshare owner will have paid $8290 just in maintenance fees. That doesn't include taxes, special assessments, usage fees or the cost to travel to the resort for the stay. Anyone considering how to get rid of a timeshare should take a close look at the transfer option. It's 100% guaranteed to get rid of your timeshare. The cost typically is for as little as a few years of maintenance fees depending on the resort and the fees associated with the actual transfer of ownership.

Read more details on transferring your timeshare.


Timeshare Adventures has an exclusive agreement with a industry leading real estate brokerage that will relieve the timeshare owner of their unwanted property. The brokerage is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and has been in business since 2004. This is not advertising or selling a timeshare. This is the safest and easiest way to get rid of a timeshare. There is a processing fee in order to complete the transfer of ownership and the fee covers everything but your resort transfer fees. Resort transfer fees are usually between $50-$300 and are required by most timeshare resorts to complete a ownership transfer.


This is a great option to relieve someone of the continued financial burden of owning a timeshare that they can't sell.

To qualify and be able to use this transfer option,
the following requirements are needed:

  1. Timeshare must be completely paid for. No mortgage payments or any type of fees due.
  2. The timeshare owner is responsible for all resort fees issued until the ownership is transferred.
  3. Almost every resort is eligible for transferring ownership; Please inquire to find if your resort can

    be transferred.

If you qualify, you can start now... Click Here To Sign Up


How This Works And How Does The Transfer Happen?

After talking with Timeshare Adventures and reviewing the contract, you'll be ready to begin the transfer process. The processing fee must also be paid at this time.

Once payment has been made and the contract is signed, all information is sent to the brokerage.

The timeshare owner will receive a phone call from the brokerage with in 48-72 hours of signing up. A broker's assistant will be assigned to personally help the owner and they can contact them directly at anytime. The owner will work with the closing agent so they can monitor the transfer process, which takes ninety days to complete on average.


Guaranteed Transfer Or Your Money Back

The 100% Money Back Guarantee is only valid if the property information provided by the owner is correct and accurate. If the timeshare is not transferred, the money is fully refundable as long as the owner provided the correct property details and fully co-operated during the transfer process.


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